Die cast manufacturing is one of the most widely used manufacturing techniques. In this process, also known as permanent mold casting, machines or tools are used to create detailed metal molds. After they have been filled with molten metal, the molds are cooled, and the resulting parts are ejected.

Die casters make metal parts by melting and pouring them into a mold. The molds are made from steel or ceramic with cavities that match the shape of the final part. Innovations in die casting have come from all sources, including research institutes, universities, and industry. Often these innovations have also spun off into other sectors, such as high-volume, low-cost production of auto parts and components.

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Why Is Die Casting Better Than Sand Casting?

Die casting is a manufacturing process that involves injecting molten metal into a mold under high pressure to produce parts with good dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Sand casting is a manufacturing process that involves creating a mold out of sand and then pouring molten metal into the mold to produce the part.

Both die casting and sand casting is used to produce metal parts and components, but die casting is generally considered to be a better manufacturing process than sand casting for several reasons:

  • Dimensional accuracy: Die casting is known for producing parts with high dimensional accuracy, as the procedure involves precision tooling and high pressure. Sand casting is less precise than molds made of sand, and the process relies on gravity to fill the mold, which can result in parts with less dimensional accuracy.
  • Surface finish: Die cast parts typically have a better surface finish than sand-cast parts. The high pressure used during the die casting process helps to ensure that the molten metal is evenly distributed throughout the mold, resulting in parts with a smooth and consistent surface finish. Sand cast parts may have a rougher surface finish due to the nature of the molding process.
  • Production speeds: Die casting is a faster and more efficient process than sand casting, as it can produce high volumes of parts quickly. Sand casting is a slower process; it involves creating a mold out of the sand and then pouring the molten metal into the mold.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Die casting is generally more cost-effective than sand casting, especially for producing high volumes of parts. The tooling (mold) required for die casting is relatively inexpensive compared to sand casting, and the process can produce high volumes of parts with minimal downtime.
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Die Cast Manufacturing

Die Cast Manufacturing At The Best Price

There are several factors to consider in getting the best price for die cast manufacturing:

  • Choose the suitable metal: The cost of die casting can be influenced by the type of metal being used. Some metals such as aluminum, are inexpensive and provide a cost-effective solution for producing high volume of parts. Other metals such as brass & bronze, are more expensive and may increase the cost of the manufacturing process.
  • Consider the size and complexity of the parts: The size and complexity of the parts produced can also affect the cost of die casting. More significant and complex parts may require more time and resources to make, which can increase the overall cost of the manufacturing process.
  • Choose the right die casting process: The cost of die casting can also be influenced by the die casting process used. Hot chamber die casting is generally faster and more efficient than cold chamber die casting, but it is limited to metals with low melting points and it can be used with a broader range of metals.
  • Consider the volume of parts being produced: The volume of parts being made can also affect the cost of die casting. Higher volumes of parts can often be produced at a lower price per unit due to the economies of scale.
Die Cast Manufacturing

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