Zetwerk’s logistics management services enable small to mid-size manufacturers to access preferred shipping methods and rates typically restricted to high-volume, enterprise manufacturers. Our specialized logistics managers oversee every aspect of your shipments, managing customs clearance, tracking, and inland and cross-border transportation. No matter what your requirements may be, our logistics management services will help you cut costs and operate more efficiently.

Logistics and Warehousing

Here are some of the specific services that Zetwerk offers:

  • Import customs management
  • Duty management
  • Multi-mode inbound transport
  • Receive/track/report
  • Outbound JIT delivery

Customer Service & Support

  • Immediate issue response
  • Corrective action and containment
  • Manage part returns
  • Manage rack returns

Zetwerk also offers Just-In-Time (JIT) Storage

  • Shortened lead times
  • Storage of parts in the US for JIT delivery
  • Free up working capital
  • Reallocate time and personnel at your facility

Additional Services to support your business

  • Inventory management and supply chain planning
  • Custom KPI reporting
  • Inventory financing
  • Additional liability insurance

Light Manufacturing support

  • Incoming inspections
  • Repairs 
  • Painting 
  • Assembly 

World-Class Logistics Management

Zetwerk’s team of expert logistics managers and project management professionals allow manufacturers to take advantage of the financial and operational benefits that an unbreakable global supply chain has to offer: reduced costs and lead times, end-to-end tracking and quality assurance, and the dissolution of typical logistics barriers.


Zetwerk’s logistics management services unlock shipping options and rates typically afforded only to enterprises that ship very high volumes of goods, regardless of your shipment size. Our team will work to find you the most cost-efficient shipping solution, whether it is for a small amount of goods or an oversized shipment needing break bulk space.


Zetwerk’s manufacturing services connect you to virtually unlimited global manufacturing capacity and capabilities, but without the long lead times typically associated with overseas shipping. With hundreds of owned and operated plants around the world, you can rely on our logistics experts to deliver your products to your door on time, every time. This means you are able to achieve a faster time-to-market without impacting the products’ quality or price.


Zetwerk’s dedicated on-ground coordinators provide door-to-door management of all goods in transit, regardless of where in the world you are shipping from or to. Our logistics service offerings include multi-modal, inland, and cross-border transportation in both the origin and destination countries, customs clearance, as well as end-to-end tracking. We even insure the value of your goods while they are in transit, adding that extra layer of protection against potential shipping damage. With Zetwerk, you can trust that your project and your goods are in the hands of capable experts from quote to delivery.

Ship Smarter 

Zetwerk has revolutionized global manufacturing by building an unbreakable, digitized supply chain with solutions already benefiting manufacturers today. If you are a manufacturer looking to cut costs and optimize your logistics operations, get in touch to discuss how we can put our global logistics capabilities to work for you.