Prototyping and Pre-production

Zetwerk helps companies and entrepreneurs around the world manufacture prototypes for their businesses. Some of the processes used by Zetwerk to produce prototypes are:

  • 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing
  • Low Volume CNC Machining
  • Low Volume Injection Molding
  • Low Volume Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Low Volume Aluminum Extrusions
  • Urethane Casting

Zetwerk’s prototyping and pre-production teams work with engineering and design teams of leading companies worldwide. Some of the key advantages of working with Zetwerk for prototyping requirements are as follows:

  • No Minimum Order Quantity: Zetwerk can supply parts to you without a MOQ so that you can iterate your designs and finalize the best material and manufacturing process without operating under artificial constraints.
  • Design for Manufacturing Expertise: Zetwerk’s team can support you with Design for Manufacturing expertise for your project. Our design team helps you modify your parts to optimize cost and production timelines.
  • Process Expertise: Zetwerk works with a variety of manufacturing technologies and processes. This helps Zetwerk provide you with the processes best suited to your requirements.
  • Capability to Scale: Zetwerk can produce parts using a variety of high-volume manufacturing processes and you don’t have to look for other suppliers if you wish to scale up.

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Prototyping is often used by design teams and engineers to create the first physical parts of their designs. Design teams use prototyping as a tool to validate their design ideas, iterate on concepts and create alignment amongst various teams, prospective customers, and stakeholders for their projects.

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3D Printing Services

Zetwerk provides the following types of 3D Printing Services:

MJF 3D Printing Services: MJF 3D Printing is the ideal 3D Printing process for producing mono-color parts using materials like nylon. MJF 3D Printing process can also produce multi-color parts. MJF Parts have good tolerance and a grainy surface finish.

SLS 3D Printing Services: SLS 3D Printing is the ideal 3d printing process for manufacturing mono-color parts using Nylon. Just like the MJF 3D Printing process, SLS parts have a grainy surface finish.

FDM 3D Printing Services: FDM 3D Printing is the ideal 3D Printing Process for manufacturing mono-color parts where the dimensional tolerance isn’t high. FDM 3D Printing Process can be used with a variety of materials like PLA, ABS, Nylon, and PolyCarbonate.

SLA 3D Printing Services: SLA 3D Printing is the ideal 3D Printing process for producing parts that have very intricate details and require a smooth surface finish. Zetwerk can manufacture parts in a variety of SLA 3D Printing materials.

Metal 3D Printing Services: Zetwerk can manufacture parts using a variety of metal 3D Printing processes like DMLS, SLM, etc. depending on your requirements. Some of the common materials are aluminum alloys, titanium, and steel alloys.

metal extrusions

Low-Volume Precision Machining

Zetwerk can manufacture parts using CNC Machining in low volumes in a variety of materials. Some of the materials that we can support are:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Acrylic
  • Delrin (Acetal)
  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate
  • PTFE (Teflon)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel

… and many more

Low-Volume Injection Molding

Zetwerk manufactures parts in lower volumes using aluminum molds. Low Volume Injection Molding is useful when the number of parts required is fewer than 10,000 units. This can help bring products to market fast without investing a lot in molds.

Low-Volume Sheet Metal Fabrication

Zetwerk can manufacture parts for you in lower volumes using a variety of sheet metals like Aluminum, MS, GI, etc. Zetwerk can provide secondary surface finishing on the fabricated parts using powder coating, electroplating, and painting.

Low-Volume Aluminum Extrusions

Zetwerk can manufacture aluminum extrusions in lower volumes in a variety of aluminum alloys. Some of the common aluminum alloys that we work with are:

  • 6063-T5 and 6063-T6
  • 6061-T5 and 6061-T6
  • 6005-T5
  • 7075-T6 
  • 6101-T61


Urethane casting can be used to produce both rigid and flexible parts for a variety of applications. This process uses a silicone mold. The master of the mold can be created using a 3D printing or a CNC Machining process.

sheet fabrication


Zetwerk provides a full suite of services focused on reducing turnaround time and improving efficiency and value. Zetwerk delivers projects that are more cost effective and are brought to market sooner.


Zetwerk offers project management throughout the manufacturing process. After you create a PO, our team will guide you through each step. They will keep you up-to-date with the information you need to monitor production and share project information with internal stakeholders.

Design For Manufacturing

Once we receive your purchase order we’ll do a formal Design For Manufacturability (DFM) review with you and your team to ensure the design is optimized for manufacturing. This step will help prevent issues, reduce production time, and ensure the forged components meet your design and performance criteria.

FAIR / PPAP Approval

A First Article Inspection (FAIR or PPAP) and report is a part of a robust product development program. It is also critical to conduct detailed reviews to avoid out of tolerance components. Zetwerk’s pre-production process incorporates this essential step, giving you complete confidence in the parts you’ll receive.

ZMI – Zetwerk Managed Inventory for JIT Deliveries

Global events of the early 2020s have demonstrated the importance of inventory management and supply chain resiliency. The traditional approach to JIT strains your ability to react to market or order fluctuations. Having a globally connected supply partner is an effective way to build resiliency and multi-source supply.


Zetwerk is your one-stop solution for complete end-to-end contract manufacturing and distribution. We provide:

  • Unlimited manufacturing capacity, which decreases risk and improves your ability to respond to demand fluctuations
  • Global raw material sourcing to protect cost and supplier resiliency
  • Secondary processing, including anodizing, powder coating, and CNC machining
  • Assembly, packaging, and distribution
  • Quality control – AS 9100D & ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Vendor managed inventory to optimize material availability
  • Supply chain management for efficient raw material conversion
  • Project management for a hands-free experience, with weekly updates for project and timing accountability

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