Zetwerk’s end-to-end supply chain solutions make strategic global sourcing seamless. Wherever you manufacture your products, Zetwerk is local to you—our logistics and project management experts can help you achieve a just-in-time, always-on supply strategy that would typically be out of reach for all but the largest enterprise manufacturers.

Whether you are looking to outsource your supply chain in full or in part, Zetwerk’s suite of manufacturing services will ensure your operations are running with maximum efficiency.

Sourcing, Streamlined

Transform, optimize, and modernize your business with Zetwerk’s supply chain management services. Zetwerk’s robust global supply chain is unrivaled in its resiliency—we are able to quickly recognize any upcoming bottlenecks or disruptions and adapt our approach in order to work around them. Our manufacturing services like ZMI digitally track your inventory so you can be confident in the fact that your operations are running as efficiently as possible. In other words, Zetwerk offers the benefits of a just-in-time manufacturing approach without the risk.

Supply Chain Management Solutions for All Requirements 

Zetwerk’s managed supply chain offers access to global manufacturing services with virtually unlimited production capability and capacity.


Unlock world-class logistics capabilities with Zetwerk’s managed supply chain services. Leverage our secured shipping contracts to cut costs while shipping locally or overseas—scrap the premiums and only pay for the space you need. Our dedicated on-ground coordinators ensure everything runs smoothly from door-to-door, providing services such as customs clearance and inland transportation in both the origin and destination countries. We’ve built a smarter supply chain that enables us to easily pivot around any logistical issues that may arise, preventing disruption and eliminating long lead times. Zetwerk provides you with the certainty that your goods will arrive on time, every time.


Leverage Zetwerk’s global expertise in manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and supply chain management to help improve your own operations Zetwerk will work with your senior leadership to:

  • Eliminate supply chain issues 
  • Improve product quality
  • Remove waste and inefficiency
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Shorten lead times
  • Improve working conditions
  • Implement Quality Assurance programs
  • Realize more significant economies of scale
  • Manage supply chain logistics
  • Open new facilities more quickly and efficiently


By outsourcing part or all of your supply chain to Zetwerk, you are able to access global manufacturing capacities and capabilities without the hassle of managing multiple vendors. Zetwerk’s team of supply chain managers are equipped to take on your team’s most time-consuming tasks, such as obtaining and managing sourcing quotes and handling supply chain issues. Our expert supply chain managers track every aspect of your project and manage them seamlessly from end-to-end. Any downstream issues that may arise are handled before they get to you, eliminating delays, saving you time, and freeing up your team to work on higher-value business activities.


A key component of Zetwerk’s managed supply chain services is our vendor management offering, Zetwerk Managed Inventory™ (ZMI). ZMI tracks your actual inventory consumption against your projected usage and provides recommendations to optimize your future orders, ultimately improving your bottom line. ZMI also ensures that your components are never more than five days away from your door—no matter what the part may be or where you are located.


Zetwerk has visited and audited thousands of suppliers worldwide to establish our unbreakable global supply chain These global partners can be leveraged to locate a supplier or develop additional production sources quickly should market conditions, production environments, or your requirements change.

Should your requirements change we’ll work with you to assess and recommend the best-fit solution which could include:

  • A supplier change
  • Development and implementation of a new production line
  • Implementation of a new factory

When we scope your requirements our due diligence will include:

  • Leveraging our RFQ process
  • Gather multiple quotes for your RFQ
  • Perform a “Should Cost” analysis
  • Seek optimization within the selected solution

To provide the best fit for your production needs Zetwerk will assess your needs for:

  • Production precision
  • Annual quantities and projected production growth
  • Stability of the ongoing product demand


For manufacturers that choose complete supply chain management solutions, Zetwerk’s quality control teams provide an added layer of quality assurance into the logistics network by conducting additional inspections upon arrival to the Zetwerk warehouses. Our QA teams ensure that post-shipment, all of the components are in line with the quality standards and expectations before they arrive at your door. 


Whether you outsource your supply chain management for all your products or just a select few, and no matter what your products are or where you are located, Zetwerk’s managed supply chain services can help you optimize your operations, gain certainty of supply and achieve a faster time to market. 

Discover how Zetwerk can help your manufacturing organization reap the benefits of a world-class global supply chain today.