What to look for when choosing a die casting manufacturer?

When looking for a quality die casting manufacturer, you want to ensure they have the right experience and expertise. This can mean anything, from their track record with customer service to their ability to handle large projects. A quality die casting manufacturer will also have a track record of providing excellent service with proven work. Die casting manufacturing capacity and Die Casting Production Capabilities are two other important aspects of choosing any manufacturer. It can result in forecasting how long it takes to analyze your requirement and start the project smoothly.

Post-production and other finishing services for die casting are also essential considerations. Choose a company that can meet your finished products and substandard expectations; otherwise, you will likely pay more money than necessary for these services during the final stages of production. The other important factor is whether the company is certified or not. This is a critical aspect of choosing any manufacturer. If a company claims they are licensed but does not provide proof of certification, you should be wary of their claims.

What are the different types of die castings?

Zinc alloy die casting

The zinc alloy die castings process is widely used to carry out high production rates for thinner parts to achieve complex designs. It also produces more detail in the finished product but is expensive and requires extensive post-molding treatment to remove any residual zinc contamination. The secondary machining dependency is minimal.

Zamak die casting

The acronym of Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, and Copper is called Zamak. Combining multiple materials to bring the best end products is the thought behind Zamak die casting. This process brings more accurate value to dimensional accuracy, surface finish, corrosion, and wear. The composition has worked wonders and brought handy products to the mechanical world.

Aluminum die casting

Aluminum die casting is a process of forming complex formations under high temperatures using reusable molds. The products possess better dimensional stability than other casting processes and conserve durable strength at high temperatures. This process produces products with good surface finishing at economical prices.

Pressure die casting

The pressure die casting process mass-produces desired parts at low cost, high-quality metallic components with high precision and repeatability. This type of die casting is often used when the part must maintain its shape under extreme temperatures, such as in engines or other high-temperature uses. The products carried out from pressure die casting hold excellent corrosion resistance.

Magnesium die casting

Magnesium die casting is a type of metal casting that uses molten magnesium to create desired parts. It can be used to produce small to large parts that require complex shapes. One advantage of magnesium die castings is that they have a brilliant strength-to-weight ratio, meaning the end products will have excellent strength with light weight.

Gravity die casting

Gravity die casting is a vintage process, as it is one of the first die casting methods. The procedure for gravity die casting is simple yet effective; the molten metal is poured into a mold under natural gravity without any external use of pressure. The molds used in this process are of small scale and used to produce designs that are easy to manufacture.

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Zinc alloy die casting parts manufacturers


Zinc is the most flexible die-cast metal of all, and Zetwerk knows how to make the best use of zinc. Zetwerk offers higher accuracy, reduced tooling expenses, exceptional physical and mechanical finishing, and Just In Time delivery. Zetwerk offers worldwide operations and manufacturing capabilities for precision parts, capital goods, and consumer goods. Zetwerk’s best-in-class lead times can help you maximize your supply chain’s efficiency, quality, and value.

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Vexos Corporation

The company offers a full range of die casting services, including passivation, electroplating, spray painting, powder coating, micro-arc anodizing, and surface finishes. Secondary operations include tapping, drilling, and CNC machining. Assembly and packaging services are also offered. The company manufactures small to large volumes of die castings made from aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloys.


AFS is a custom manufacturer of die, gravity, and investment castings made from gray iron, ductile iron, austempered ductile iron (ADI), steel, aluminum, and zinc. AFS capabilities include gravity casting, investment casting, die casting, and machining. We offer inventory management programs and provide just-in-time delivery.

Leech Industries, Inc.

Precision machinists design, fabricate and distribute precision die castings made from zinc. Capabilities include the design of tools, molds, and dies. Precision machining services include CNC milling, drilling, boring, and grinding. Grinding types include surface, cylindrical, centerless, jigging, and creep feed grinding. Materials handled include:

  • Aluminum alloy, nylon and Delrin®, Inconel®, titanium, and Monel® steel.
  • Hastelloy® and Ferro-Tic® alloys.
  • Carbide steel tools.
  • Ceramics.
  • Plastics and other materials.

EDM services are also available, Made in the USA.

Custom Metal Crafters, Inc.

Custom Metal Crafters, Inc. is a manufacturer of metal fasteners and hardware. Products include buckles, slides, snaps, D-rings, loops, O-rings, curb chains, chain links, ring holders, clamps, clips, hooks, screws, and buttons. Materials include brass and Delrin plastic. Capabilities include contract manufacturing (fabricating), injection molding (molding), and rack plating (coating).

Mag-Tec Casting Corp.

Mag-Tec die casting services include aluminum, magnesium, and zinc materials. We can produce small to large parts in short to long production runs. We have secondary machining capabilities, including drilling, tapping, milling, boring, and grinding. We also offer coating services for your parts. Their extensive transportation industry clientele includes electrical and energy companies and medical companies.

Aluminum gravity die casting manufacturers


Zetwerk is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum metalwork extruded and die-casted parts. Zetwerk offers superior quality, competitive prices, and prompt delivery. Zetwerk has worldwide operations and multiple manufacturing capabilities with the added advantage of on-time delivery. Company advanced project management techniques use the latest technology to ensure the PO to delivery keeps running well.

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Offshore Direct Metals, Inc.

Offshore Direct Metals, Inc is a job shop services including CNC machining and lathe work, punching and casting operations, extrusion and injection molding, fabrication, and drilling. Milling, grinding, laser cutting, and tube bending are also offered. Offshore also works with aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic materials. Tubing, pipes, stainless steel sheets, coils, ingots, and circles; discs and plates; profiles: Secondary services include sourcing of materials; packing; logistics shipping and distribution.

Littlestown Foundry, Inc.

Littlestown Foundry, Inc is a custom manufacturer of marine and awning hardware, and they also manufacture heat-treated green sand castings made from aluminum. Providing their customers with the prototype and low to medium-volume production runs. Their casting molds include permanent mold, automatic molding, cope and drag, and machining services.

K & H Precision Products, Inc.

K & H Precision Products Inc is a custom manufacturer of die, no-bake sand, plaster, and hybrid mold castings and works with steel, aluminum alloy, zinc, and non-ferrous metals. Capabilities include milling, drilling, turning, boring, threading, broaching, knurling, and reaming. Design services provided. Secondary benefits include assembly programming and inspection. Serves the aerospace, automotive health or wellness, medical military retail packaging railroad robotics, telecommunications, textile transportation vacuum forming industries, and prototype runs are offered.


IQE, LLC is a US-based company manufacturing in the US and China. ISO 9001:9002, ISO 9001:2000 & ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturer of aluminum die castings, investment castings, iron sand castings, steel forgings, sheet metal stampings, and injection molded plastic. The US office offers engineering services; delivery services; quality issues; local customer service; and complete turnkey solutions for customers’ needs. Products can be shipped or stocked in the US. Bilingual engineers are available for design and financial services; the quality management team in China checks the product at each step of production to ensure customer specifications are met before shipping.

Alumicast, Inc.

Alumicast Inc provides a wide range of services for the aluminum and other alloys industries, including green sand and ornamental casting, molding, heat treating, shot blasting and peening, blast cleaning, and deburring. We serve the high-voltage connector and switch industries and the railroad, automotive, and pump industries.

Top china aluminum die casting manufacturers


Zetwerk is an alternate solution for China manufacturers globally, with operations and manufacturing capabilities for precision parts, capital goods, and consumer goods. With lead times that can meet or beat your requirements, Zetwerk offers best-in-class capabilities in any category, whatever the product or geography. The company is known for making lead time more effective for businesses with the best supply chain solution.

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Cixi Aida Metal Co. Ltd

Cixi Aida Metal Co. Ltd. is committed to producing quality, excellent products in aluminum die casting. Its cutting-edge equipment allows it to manufacture top-notch products.

Dalian Yaming Automotive Parts Co. Ltd

Dalia Yaming is a top-class, reputable high-tech enterprise. The company mainly manufactures automotive parts and is one of China’s leading automotive casting enterprises. The company manufactures aluminum alloy die casting products, designs die castings and molds and makes metal cutting, punching, and welding equipment for producing these products.

Guangdong Hongtai Technology

Guangdong Hongtai Technology is China’s top auto parts manufacturer, producing aluminum die castings for automobiles, telecommunications, motorbikes, and escalators. The company is a joint venture enterprise rapidly expanding to become one of China’s most oversized aluminum die casting manufacturers.

Chongqing Dajiang Millison Die Casting Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Dajiang Millison Die Casting Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of aluminum and zinc alloy die casting products that serve automotive, telecommunications, mechanical, and gasoline engines. Chongqing has a large customer base who rely on them for lightweight, miniaturization, and multiple functional designs of low-carbon die casting materials.

Wencan Die Casting Co. Ltd

The company, formerly Guangdong Wencan die casting co. Ltd. is a top-class, large-scale aluminum die casting company based in China. It specializes in research, production, and sales of automobile alloy precision die castings.

Top zinc die Casting Manufacturers


Zetwerk is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, precision parts, capital goods, and consumer goods. It offers the world’s most flexible die-cast metals, including zinc. Zetwerk can make the best use of zinc to create accurate and sturdy parts at a reasonable cost. Zetwerk offers worldwide operations and manufacturing capabilities for precision parts and capital goods. Zetwerk provides industry-best lead times to its customers to help maximize supply chain efficiency and quality while minimizing inventory costs.

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Top Pressure die casting manufacturers


The pressure die casting process fabricates vehicle wheels and other aluminum components. This procedure reduces the pressure in the feeders, which assures high casting outcomes. Zetwerk manufactures in such a way that every production part is inspected and meets requirements before shipment. It ensures zero quality escapes, meaning no rejections at the customer end.

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Shiloh Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer of metal products for high-volume applications in the automotive, heavy truck, trailer, & consumer markets. Designs & engineers precision tools & dies & welding & assembly equipment for use in its manufacturing operations & for original equipment manufacturers, Tier 1 automotive suppliers & other industrial customers.

Dynacast, Inc.

Dynacast, Inc. is a global manufacturer of die casting based in Charlotte, NC. Dynacast specialty is in die casting services, and offers various materials and stages to provide your project’s top-notch mechanical properties, finishes, and other aspects.

Pace Industries, Inc.

Pace Industries, Inc. of Fayetteville, AR, manufactures die-cast parts and engineering prototypes for automotive, medical, electrical, and other applications. Its die-casting technology can produce complex parts from aluminum, magnesium, and zinc metals. The company also provides tools & die making services for other companies in the industry.

RAM Tools, Inc.

RAM Tools, Inc. manufactures aluminum and zinc die-cast dies, forged material, CNC parts, and milled parts. Ram tools have 40 years of proven experience. The company works to serve the aerospace, agriculture, recreation, and government, and they are also experts in the oil and gas industry and industrial markets by fabricating innovative tooling solutions.

Aurora Metals Division, LLC

Aurora is a fabricator of casting and non-casting alloys and a manufacturer of metal parts using various casting processes. They offer extensive materials, methods, and quality assurance processes to ensure each product meets certified specifications. Their headquarters is in Montgomery, IL.

Top gravity die casting manufacturers


Zetwerk is a leading manufacturer and supplier of extruded aluminum parts and die casting materials. Zetwerk offers superior quality, competitive prices, and prompt delivery. Zetwerk has worldwide operations and multiple manufacturing capabilities with the added advantage of Just In Time delivery. The company uses advanced project management techniques to ensure that its production runs smoothly from order to delivery.

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Top magnesium die casting manufacturers


Magnesium alloys are used to manufacture metal parts. These alloys provide various casting capabilities, including strength and weight reduction. Zetwerk produces best-in-class magnesium die casting and handles every responsibility till the order is delivered to you. Zetwerk Managed Inventory™ is an enhanced vendor-managed inventory service that helps manufacturers overcome the pain of long lead times. ZMI customers enjoy the lead times and cost savings offered by strategic global sourcing while maintaining the advantages of domestic sourcing.

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Magnesium and magnesium superalloys are lightweight, and Allite Inc manufactures recyclable materials with high impact resistance, a high strength-to-weight ratio, and electromagnetic interference shielding. Magnesium superalloy is fine-grained and corrosion-resistant. The company also offers magnesium and alloys in rods, plates, sheets, bars, and ingots. Also, custom fabricates parts using die casting, extruding, and forging processes. Secondary machining services are offered for fabricated parts; coating services for finished parts are also available. Serves the robotics industry; energy industries; construction markets; marine markets; biotechnology markets; aerospace markets; electronics manufacturing industries; manufacturing industries; sporting goods industries; automotive/transportation markets.

USTEK Incorporated

Ustek Incorporated is a custom manufacturer of electrical and metal components. Products include BNC connectors and circuit boards. Capabilities for CNC machining, fabrication, die casting, extruding cutting, bending, punching, die casting, drilling, tapping, extruding, forming, riveting, stamping and welding. Materials worked with include aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc, silver, and gold on-time delivery.

3-Dimensional Services Group

CNC machining and fabrication services for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, beryllium, brass, bronze, carbide, copper, magnesium, nickel, titanium, zinc, Inconel®, gold, Kovar®, platinum, and silver. It works with ABS, acetal, nylon, phenolic, acrylic, polycarbonate, PEEK, polyetherimide, polyethylene, PTFE, ceramic, glass, graphite, polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene, and wood. Various capabilities include boring, bending, casting, drilling, internal forming, knurling, milling, molding, laser, and waterjet cutting, stamping, turning, threading, and tapping. Assembly and rapid prototyping services are also available. Secondary services such as anodizing, grinding, heat treating, passivating, and plating are provided.

CAB Worldwide

worldwide manufacturer and distributor of precision machined industrial castings, forgings, wind tower components, and flanges. Stainless and alloy steel, iron, aluminum, manganese, investment, sand, lost foam, permanent mold, and die castings. Products include precision machined parts for hydraulic, automotive, energy, piping, construction, mining, and a wide variety of other industrial applications. Capabilities include the design for manufacturing review, 3D modeling, CNC machining, CMM inspection, PPAP, APQP, PFMEA, and project engineers worldwide.

Talbot Associates, Inc.

The company represents metal-forming manufacturers with a strong focus on castings. It specializes in aluminum castings and provides die castings, investment castings, and plaster mold castings in all metals and alloys for all industries. It also offers precision machining, stampings, sheet metal, forgings, aluminum extrusions, and powder metal components.

Top Zamak die casting manufacturers


The Zamak die casting is a complex process compared to all other die casting processes. Zetwerk is the best company for ZAMAK die casting manufacturing, and it reduces lead times and inventory costs by Zetwerk Managed Inventory that offers a win-win-win:

  • Customers enjoy shorter lead times.
  • Vendors reap the benefits of global sourcing and profitability.

Employees can adapt manufacturing processes more quickly.

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