Evaluating which manufacturing process you can utilize to design an aluminum part is highly crucial. There are many common yet popular processes you can use for forming aluminum, but one of the most common ones that most designers consider is aluminum die casting.

Experts use aluminum die casting as a preferred method for many automotive, industrial, and telecommunications products. It is also often utilized to create electrical, hydraulic, and lighting components.

Zetwerk provides Aluminum Die Casting Process and all secondary operations.

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Simply put, a metal-forming process that enables the design of intricate aluminum parts is what we call aluminum die casting. As a part, Ingots of aluminum alloy are heated to excessively high temperatures until they are molten completely. Further, under high pressure, a liquid aluminum called a mold is inserted into the hole of the steel die. As the die is made up of two halves, the solidified

molten aluminum gets separated and displays the cast aluminum part. The product is formed explicitly with a soft texture and usually needs the tiniest or no machining procedures. Let us compare it with the steel dies. The method can be repeated multiple times, utilizing the ultimate mold before it worsens, making aluminum die casting pertinent for the enormous production of aluminum parts.


There are various surface finish options in aluminum casting. The dimensional stability is one significant benefit of the aluminum die casting process. Plus, they are versatile, and almost every industry needs them.

Check out the list of the benefits of aluminum casting:

  • Finished productions with exceptional surface finish
  • Exemplary Tensile strength
  • Low-cost raw materials
  • Lessening of impurities and porosity
  • The molecular structure ensures dimensional tolerance without any damages
  • Longevity
  • Thickness precision (less than 1.5 thickness is achievable)
  • Airtightness and pressure
  • Many alloys to pick from with several chemical and mechanical properties
  • Can produce parts with very complex designs


An essential advantage of utilizing aluminum for casting is the capability to define the essential properties. Despite the project and niche, there is always an aluminum alloy die casting to match the application. Hence for a better decision, you must pick the one depending on the required characteristics.

Here is the list you can use as a guideline for the essential properties and characteristics while choosing the type of alloy for an application.

  • Corrosion Resistance – only changes when alloyed but perfect in its natural state.
  • Strength – estimated by temper, tensile strength, and yield
  • Heat Treating – lessens chemical segregation and enhances workability
  • Formability – the ability to experience plastic deformation
  • Weldability – solidification shrinkage, thermal conductivity, oxide coating, hydrogen solubility
  • Machining – bendability, able to be drilled, resistant to low temperatures


The alloy of aluminum contains numerous advanced chemical and mechanical properties. They are corrosion-resistant and have increased heat dissipation properties. Another significant advantage is the strength-to-weight ratio. These properties allow mechanical engineers to create aluminum die casting parts with utter flexibility. 

Some other properties are:

  • No much weight
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Better strength-to-weight ratio
  • High operating temperatures
  • Adequate stiffness
  • Good finishing characteristics
  • RFI and EMI shielding
  • Outstanding thermal conductivity
  • Increased electrical conductivity
  • Complete recyclability
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As aluminum is weightless, robust, and resistant to corrosion, it is one of the best choices for creating durable and trustworthy system components. Rather than that, aluminum’s economic advantages and mechanical properties make it the ideal choice for various applications and industries.


In the automotive industry, Aluminum die casting is ideal to use due to its properties like durability and lightweight alternative to steel and iron. Moreover, its lightweight feature makes it an excellent choice for transportable applications. 


In some parts, aluminum die casting is used for power generation and distribution equipment in the renewable energy industry. The process of aluminum die casting is used. To name a few:

  • solar panel bracket
  • wind turbine parts, etc.


In the aerospace industry, aircraft demand components that can offer up-to-the-mark performance. Aluminum die castings are excellent for aircraft as they are lightweight, highly durable, and affordable as they can withstand harsh operating and environmental conditions and have better fuel efficiency.


Aluminum die castings can be utilized in several machines like combine harvesters or tractors in the agricultural industry. It is the best for use in these demanding applications as it offers durability and reliability.

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The aluminum die casting process helps create many recreational equipment and vehicle parts in the recreational equipment industry. For instance, structural and functional components like axles, chassis, counter mounts, etc., and cosmetic components like hood ornaments.


Die casting helps produce parts for law enforcement, commercial, and military pieces in the military/defense industry. For example, it is used in making Remington receivers, trigger guards, and many other parts for shotguns and rifles.


Aluminum die castings are also used for multiple components of equipment and systems in the industrial machinery & equipment industry. For instance, die-cast equipment components cover connecting rods, bearings, and pistons.


Die-cast aluminum parts can be seen used in various devices and systems used in the medical industry. From diagnostic and treatment equipment to beds and surgical instruments, such productions are integrated into almost everything.


Aluminum die castings are used in the consumer products industry. The elements help ensure the final products are robust as well as lightweight.


We have picked some top-rated aluminum die casting suppliers for your help.

Zetwerk Manufacturing USA Inc.

Zetwerk manufacturing USA Inc. offers high-quality die-cast components made from a variety of materials, including alloys of bronze, copper, brass, zinc, and aluminum. On the die-cast pieces, we also carry out the required auxiliary operations, such as finish machining and surface preparation. ZETWERK has both AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. We have IATF 16949:2016 certification for our die-casting facilities.

Address of the supplier- 3707 E Southern Avenue, Mesa, Arizona 85206

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Ryobi Die Casting (USA) Inc

Another casting company ruling the industry is Ryobi Die Casting. They are well-known for high-pressure aluminum die castings. Being in the industry for years, they are committed to offering consumers from the automotive industry top-quality castings on time. Their range covers housings, engine parts, transmission cases, and structural parts. Their parts are used in several Ford, Honda, and GM vehicles.

Address of the supplier- 525 Industrial Park Dr, Shelbyville, IN 46176, United States

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American Precision Die Casting

American Precision Die Casting is a privately-owned manufacturer of die cast parts, which was formed in June of 2005. They produce aluminum alloy 380 based in Cuba, Missouri. They are a team of a dedicated workforce of 65 associates and run three shifts, 24/7 from Monday to Friday (also Saturdays if required).

Address of the supplier- 100 American Way, Cuba, MO 65453, United States

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California Sealing Solutions

CALIFORNIA SEALING SOLUTIONS is the leading name in the industry regarding die castings produced of aluminum and zinc materials. Their range of products features an array of properties like high operating temperatures, EMI/RFI shielding, and corrosion resistance. Also, they produce a degree in several sizes, from 1 ounce to 30 kg. Serves marine, agricultural, chemical, automotive, petroleum, food, mining, textile, aeronautical, and space industries. 

Address of the supplier- Irvine, CA 92618

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DieCast of America

 DieCast of America is a reliable Custom manufacturer presenting aluminum die castings produced from various alloys like 380, 360, 518, and 413. Adept at casting from 1 oz. to 12 lbs. weight and more. They offer solutions to many industries like aerospace, appliances, automotive, electronics, and lighting. Extra services cover deburring, anodizing, drilling, tapping, and heat treating. Help in different operations like small, medium, and large volumes!

Address of the supplier- -Walnut, CA 91789

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The metal-forming process, Die casting, is very beneficial, and it is worth a shot if your design has greater complexity and requires a high volume of parts. Zetwerk is among the leading aluminum pressure die casting suppliers to get the best productions for manufacturing needs.

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