Computer numerical control (CNC Machining) involves cutting and manufacturing parts with programmed computer software that directs the movements of machinery and tools. It is the most recent technique in the tooling industry. Initially, CNC machining was done by 3-axis machining, and now it has evolved to 5-axis machining. The difference between them is of number and type of axes used. 

When it comes to production in bulk, the concern of quality and accuracy often arises. This is when CNC comes to the rescue. While performing mass production of the machining parts, it is essential to avoid any errors. And CNC machining is the best solution to prevent such issues.

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Here are some of the significant benefits of CNC Machining —

  • Provides higher quality and avoids human error.
  • It reduces the cost per production and increases the speed of production.
  • CNC Machining offers consistency, accuracy, and quality precision.
  • Consume less time, and it is best to fit for forming complex and small designs.

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Some of the industries work predominantly with the products created by CNC machining, and the five most important among them are—


The electronic industry is vast and consists of various products, including the power plugs you see around, heat sinks, semiconductors, etc. These electronic designs, as one sees, are complicated and small in size. This is why electronic industries require a prototype for production. These CNC-based computerized products get mechanized. Micro-machining does not facilitate us with the prototype phenome. That’s why CNC machining is preferred in electronic industries.

Some of the standard products used in the CNC machining electronic industry are– housing, hardware, metal stat, semiconductors, printed circuit boards, etc.


The aerospace industry is among the rapidly growing sectors for public and private endeavors. In the quality management of the machinery, ISO certification is a must. In addition, statutory and regulatory requirements need to be fulfilled for the manufacturing industries for aerospace parts. The aerospace industry is known for its streamlined products, which are strong and dedicated at the same time. 

Since the industry requires refined and dedicated machining with customization, CNC machining with a 5-axis approach is under the control of the computer used. This computerized process provides greater efficiency and can handle machinery sizes up to 118 inches by 236 inches. Apart from large products, CNC machining is also used to create small parts of the aerospace like power control of aircraft, etc.

In aerospace, minor mistakes can create a hazard, which is why the CNC machining process is preferred to ensure quality and accuracy. As per need, titanium, plastic, aluminum, nickel, alloys, etc., materials are used for the manufacturing. Some significant examples of aerospace CNC machined parts are– airfoils, electrical connectors, bushings, landing gear parts, manifolds, high tolerance spacers, etc.


The oil and energy industries are the soul of the service sector. This sector is essential as well as monumental. The industry demands components that remain stable when exposed to unstable weather environments. CNC allows precision in designs, and the materials used can handle challenging working environments. One needs to take proper care of all the engagements in the work area. For example, if the pipes, valve, and connection are not appropriately made, there is a high risk of danger.

CNC machining in the oil and energy industry makes the production of tools safe and accurate according to the need of the enterprise. Following are examples of parts manufactured by the CNC machining industry for oil refineries. — Pins, Rods, Valves, Pistons, Cylinders, Drill bits, etc.


Commercial product industries produce in bulk, and they need efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, the CNC machining industry is preferred for collaboration. Here are some examples of the products: Packaging, outdoor power, cleaning, aftermarket, etc.

A wide range of commercial production industries gets benefit from the tooling industry. These industries work under great competition in the market, and CNC rapid prototyping allows bulk production without compromising the quality and design aspects. That’s why CNC machining has become an important choice for product-based companies.


In the medical field, precision matters the most, From small reading devices to large medical equipment and medical devices, and precision CNC machining has made it possible to create parts with strict specifications. Most of the time, precise surface treatments and miniature designs can only be achieved through careful manufacturing, and CNC does the same for critical medical equipment and parts.

Apart from this, CNC machining helps in time-efficient production. Some examples of such products are- medical instruments, surgical implants, orthotic devices, electronic enclosures for monitoring devices, research equipment, MRI machines, and parts. Doctors in surgical science and bone-related operations fit screws, nuts, and wires inside the human organs. This computer-designed CNC machinery has proved to be a blessing for medical equipment manufacturers and professionals. 

Yearly more than 900 million such instruments are produced by CNC machining industries. Hence, CNC machining plays a massive role in the medical industry’s accuracy, durability, and delivery.

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Although CNC machining impacts numerous sectors directly or indirectly, these are the broadly ranked CNC machining industries.

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