8020 Aluminum extrusion is also known as T-slot aluminum extrusion, or T slot structural framing typically presents a brand 80/20. From its creation in the 1900s, T slot channels were created for various industry applications. Then company 80/20 Inc came up with expanded aluminum extrusion capabilities with fasteners, hardware, and other accessories to strengthen the structural system.



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What is 80/20?

80/20 is a T slot construction system used to build a structure or a stable structural designs. Within the 80/20 extrusion, you can assemble and reassemble different products to provide custom extrusion solutions to clients.  T slot aluminum extrusion is created with aluminum extrusion to understand the basics. It involves pushing the metal through a die opening and getting desired shapes and sizes, depending on the requirement.

Since aluminum is great for building structures and equipment stability, aluminum extrusion is considered among the best processes for industry-specific needs. T slot framing system or 80/20 Aluminum extrusion allows two pieces to interlock and keep the structure intact without having to use joints or additional attachment.

Once fixed, nuts, fasteners, and locks keep the pieces together. Whether installing automation equipment or assembling a workbench for the production line, 80/20 aluminum extrusion or T slot framing is ideal for various reasons.  

Benefits of Choosing 8020 Aluminum Extrusion

Unlimited applications with its heat resistance, reusability, weather resistance, and strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum extruded products are highly used in the construction industry. Along with this, the high mechanical properties, thermal conductivity, and strength of these extrusion materials are ideal for industrial applications such as office workbenches, ladders, shelves, machine frames, and so on.


80/20 T slot aluminum extrusions can easily be worked with without special training or effort. You insert a connector into the t-slot extrusion and tighten it while operating your equipment. The final product will not break apart and can easily be re-adjusted to make a different design when needed. 


T slot aluminum extrusion can quickly fix ideal mechanical equipment. There is no need to hire professional laborers to set up or assemble the process. These are easy to handle can the installation can be finished in a short  


One of the most common applications of aluminum extruded frameworks is benchwork, display racks, and other interior-related structures. The protective coating and aesthetically pleasing shape make them look attractive with corrosion and weather resistance qualities. 

Choose the Right 80/20 Extrusion for Your Application

While looking for an 80/20 aluminum extrusion profile for a specific application, there are mainly two factors that you must keep in mind.

  • Structural Integrity 
  • The overall cost of the material

Made with 80/20 Extrusion

  • Guarding & Enclosures
  • Machine Frames
  • Material Handling
  • Workstations
  • Robotics & Labs
  • Display Racks
  • Black Anodize
  • Automation Parts
  • Ready Tube

80/20 Aluminum Profile Types & Series

80/20 aluminum offers a wide range of profiles known as fractional and metric profiles. Let’s understand the difference between the two:


The fractional T-slot aluminum profiles use an inch measurement system in which approx. 57 profiles are available within two series,  

  • 10 Series Aluminum profiles & 15-series Aluminum profiles.
  • 10 series profiles are dependent on a 1-inch standard, whereas 15 series rifles are based on 1.5 inches standard. 
  • Both the series help in the alignment and fixtures of corners and joints while assembling a piece of equipment.


The metric T slot profiles are measured in either meters or millimeters (mm). The currently 80/20 aluminum extrusion offers 51 profiles in the metric units within the series.  

  • 20 series aluminum extrusion, 25 series, 30 series, 40, and 45 series. 
  • The dimension of these metric profiles each coincides with the series. For instance, 20 series profiles are measured on a standard of 20mm, 25 on a 25mm standard, and so on.

80/20 DIY Sim Rig

Aluminum extrusion rigs, also known as 8020 rigs, refer to a particular aluminum profile. They are often used for vehicle construction where strength to weight ratio matters the most. For example, DIY extruded aluminum SimRacing Rig included 6063 Aluminum alloy.  While custom-designed DIY sim rigs, T slot profiles allow you to make the adjustment fast and easy. You can choose to purchase the T-slot profiles, fasteners, and accessories and build an aluminum extrusion racing sim by watching different tutorials available on the net or the official 8020 websites.  Are you looking for an 80/20 aluminum extrusion near you?   Here are a few tips for buying from the best  

  • Look for experience in the extrusion industry and solutions.
  • Look for materials being used in the process, like a certification.
  • Understand 80 20 aluminum extrusion catalog to know how metal extrusion works and what are the products available.
  • Always prefer a local supplier so that you can get involved in the process for any of your projects.
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