December 20, 2021


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We started Zetwerk in the summer of 2018 with a singular objective — how do we maximize the infinite potential of the manufacturing ecosystem — both in India and globally. Manufacturing supply chains are inherently complex. Yet, as consumers we are not aware or sometimes take for granted the hard work behind the scenes to bring our favourite products to market, converting them from a great idea into a physical product we can touch and feel. How many times have we stepped back and wondered how the T-shirt we wear is made or how the cars that we drive made it to the showrooms or how that steel overbridge you take to work everyday came into being? Who makes the massive towers that bring electricity into our homes or the large pipelines that carry drinking water?

In India alone, more than 10000 companies are designing these products across industries — from the traditional ones such as Oil & Gas, Steel, Cement, Infrastructure to modern ones such as Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles and Space Exploration. These designers, today, partner with more than one million SMEs/ MSMEs to drive manufacturing, logistics and quality. Globally, the total number of participants in the manufacturing ecosystem is a much larger number. This is a complex supply chain!

The bars are made higher in this complex environment. OEMs and brands want to bring their products to market even faster while constantly pushing the quality standards. This comes with the additional expectation of making their supply chains even more transparent for their end customers and regulators. We want to know whether these products were manufactured in India or elsewhere, what the parameters were for the health and safety of the workers, and ultimately if these products are of high quality.

At Zetwerk, we take pride in our mission to unify this hugely fragmented manufacturing ecosystem into a single, synchronized network that helps bring down the time and cost of manufacturing, improve quality and maximize visibility, compatibility and capacity for customers and partners alike.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, a science-fiction writer, once said: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. A highly synchronized supply chain that functions like an engine is similarly magical. At Zetwerk, we find magic everyday and what better way to give that magic a shape, than to give it a symbol that heralds the future and embodies the spirit of a forward-looking organisation.

We’re proud to present a refreshed brand identity for Zetwerk.

The new Zetwerk logo is our guiding star, a powerful symbol of manufacturing excellence. The interlocking rings represent the spirit of partnership embedded in our DNA, as well as the infinite potential of our global manufacturing network. With a virtually unlimited range of capacities and capabilities, Zetwerk makes anything possible — whatever the category, geography, specification, or scale — from Z to infinity!

Zetwerk’s new identity signifies our resolve to unlock the immense potential of manufacturing and empower every member in the global manufacturing community. Today, after 1,000+ projects for 300+ customers in 15+ countries, we are proud to reaffirm our commitment to our mission: to maximize manufacturing for all.


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