Zetwerk Managed Supply Chain offers reliable supply chain services to ensure visibility, transparency and traceability from PO to Delivery.

Core Capabilities


CORE CAPABILITIES Zetwerk Audited Vendor Onboarding

  • Zetwerk conducts physical audit of all vendors
  • Infrastructure, workforce and financials auditing services
  • Audited data as dashboard using Zetwerk Technology Platform

Zetwerk Production Monitoring

  • Dedicated teams at vendor locations for monitoring
  • Physical monitoring from PO to WIP to Finished Goods
  • De-bottlenecking issues to ensure adherence to production schedule

Zetwerk Certified Quality Assurance

  • Centralized QA processes which will align with protocols
  • Dedicated Quality control team at vendor locations
  • Monitoring from RM to WIP to Finished goods for production and process inspections

Zetwerk Financial Services

  • Timely procurement of RM and consumables to manage factory expenses
  • Improved cash flow cycles
  • Greater productivity and efficiency in supply chain

Zetwerk Technology Platform

  • Dedicated dashboard for vendors and customers
  • Mobile app for the ground team to enable timely updates of supply chain status in realtime
  • 100% transparency and traceability of supply chain for customers

Zetwerk Managed Logistics

  • Multimodal logistics capabilities (Road, Rail, Sea and Air)
  • Inland transportation for vendors and cross border transportation for the customers
  • Thorough documentation and 100% tracking
  • Dedicated onground team for coordination and documentation

Zetwerk Managed Inventory

  • Warehousing solutions closer to customers
  • Zetwerk manages inventory for customers
  • Improved JIT connectivity and reduced working capital for customers

Supply Chain Re-sourcing

  • Consolidated supplier base
  • Supplement supplier base to expedite production
  • Re-source from different geographies as per client strategy

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