Designing a Seamless User Experience

Designing a Seamless User Experience

February 21, 2022


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There’s one word that perfectly defines Zetwerk’s 2021 journey — growth. Each month has been eventful and crucial to our growth. It's been an incredible road — from revenue growing five times over the year-ago period to turning a profitable Unicorn on a full-year basis. To think we started 2021 as a small family of 250, only to end the year with over 800 like-minded individuals working together towards the same goal — to maximize the infinite potential of manufacturing in India and now, internationally as well!

As the company grows, this goal, as ambitious as it may be, seems more within reach with each day. Any resilient business with deep manufacturing capabilities and a comprehensive international presence needs to offer its customers a medium to learn more about itself in a way that is as smooth and seamless as our project management systems.

To that effect, a website that could simplify the business offerings and convey the brand purpose to prospective customers is an ideal mode of communication. In our business, a website is the first point of reference for who we are and what we can do for our customers no matter the customizations or complexity. So, when we sat down to design our new website, the objective was to reach out to customers from more than 25 industries and over 15 countries and present several manufacturing services that we offer. Our services cut across categories — from making a small hinge mount part for an antenna deployment rig for an Aerospace project to heavy fabricated structures for a large open web girder for a critical rail bridge project. We wanted to make sure it was easy for our customers to assess the full range of services and make an informed choice. In addition, since we are a digital manufacturing company, it became pertinent to explain the technology we provide to make the manufacturing process seamless.

And that is why we spent weeks ensuring that our website’s design was not only highly customer-friendly but provided insight into the full spectrum of what we do – from Z to infinity. Here is how we did it:

1.As a first step, we decided to move away from the cliched 'About Us' page to a more modern approach to presenting the company through 'Why Zetwerk' – a section detailing our brand purpose and our impact on manufacturing.

2.The 'How Zet Werks' page gives a peek into the technology that we bring to the world of manufacturing. It shares an inside look into how we streamline the manufacturing process and provide our customers with real-time updates through the entire project lifecycle in a way that prioritizes transparency and visibility.

3.We wanted to capture all the services we offer across industries into one easy-to-navigate space. So we made sure to do just that with our Manufacturing Expertise page, sharing detailed solutions across capital goods, consumer goods and precision parts.

4.Any good website needs an interactive and informative media page; we made sure to have an entire dashboard dedicated to our media assets - press releases, news coverage, industry interactions, case studies, blogs, etc. In doing this, we hope to ensure continued and complete transparency, which is the core of everything Zetwerk.

5.We made sure our ‘Contact Us’ page made the process of reaching out as smooth as possible – sending in an enquiry is as easy as clicking a button – no matter the customization or complexity of the requirement.

As Zetwerk continues to grow and evolve, we’re determined to unlock the infinite potential of manufacturing for the world – and with our new website in place, we’re that much closer to our key target — maximizing manufacturing for all. The views expressed in this post are those of Amrit Acharya, CEO, ZETWERK

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