Zetwerk helped a leading agricultural manufacturer reduce dependency on China, ensuring cost-effective, stable manufacturing and seamless supply chain transitions, enhancing inventory management and risk mitigation.

Here is the list of challenges that the customer faced:

High dependency on China led to supply chain vulnerabilities
Increased costs and delayed shipments during COVID-19
Geopolitical tensions making China a high-risk manufacturing location

The Challenge

An agricultural manufacturer faced increased risks and costs due to dependency on Chinese suppliers, exacerbated by COVID-19 and geopolitical tensions. They needed a cost-effective, stable manufacturing partner to diversify their supply chain and ensure timely delivery.

Identifying the problem

The manufacturer’s heavy reliance on Chinese suppliers became problematic during the COVID-19 pandemic, with sudden cost increases and shipment delays. Geopolitical issues further highlighted the risks. They required stable, cost-effective alternatives to mitigate these vulnerabilities and ensure a smooth transition from their existing processes.

Zetwerk’s Solution

Zetwerk offered a robust alternative to Chinese manufacturing by leveraging facilities in India, Vietnam, Mexico, and the US. We provided cost-effective solutions, diversified the supply chain, and ensured local support. Our presence in North America, with strict quality controls and transparent processes, instilled confidence and met critical pricing and delivery timelines.

Diversified manufacturing locations in India, Vietnam, Mexico, and the US
Local support with US-based teams and facilities
Transparent and real-time quality control and updates

“Our ability to solve complex production issues with better solutions and support has significantly improved our clients’ operations.”

Hugh Smith

Director of Sales, Zetwerk Manufacturing USA Inc.

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Our services include secondary operations and local warehousing in Mexico and the US, supported by a global supply chain network to reduce tariffs.

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