Zetwerk’s solution for a waste-loading equipment manufacturer resulted in significant cost reduction, improved functionality, and increased reliability, demonstrating our innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

Here is the list of challenges that the customer faced:

Sourcing components from different suppliers with incompatible capabilities
Frequent assembly issues causing operational disruptions
High costs and inefficiencies in the manufacturing process

The Challenge

The customer faced frequent assembly issues due to sourcing components from different suppliers with incompatible capabilities, leading to high costs, inefficiencies, and operational disruptions. Zetwerk needed to streamline the process and enhance reliability

Identifying the problem

Through a thorough assessment and collaboration with the customer’s engineering and quality teams, Zetwerk identified critical issues in their production process. The existing suppliers used a water jet cutter that could not hold tight tolerances, leading to frequent assembly failures. Our approach was to analyze failure modes and propose a more reliable and precise manufacturing process

Zetwerk’s Solution

Zetwerk proposed an alternate manufacturing process that transitioned from water jet cutting to precision machining. This ensured tighter tolerances, consistent quality, consolidated production capabilities, and local support, all while meeting the client’s requirements at a competitive price.

Leveraging a global supplier network to reduce costs and enhance reliability
Standardization of components to meet specifications and function correctly
The transition from water jet cutting to machining for precise and reliable production

“We resolved their assembly issues with a precise manufacturing process and local support”

Hugh Smith

Director of Sales, Zetwerk Manufacturing USA Inc.

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Our services include secondary operations and local warehousing in Mexico and the US, supported by a global supply chain network to reduce tariffs

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