Nelson Metal Fabrication Inc., recently named South Portland’s Small Business of the Year, has established itself as a leader in the metal fabrication industry. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction are evident in their wide range of services. Notably, their collaboration with People’s Inclusive Welding reflects their support for underrepresented individuals in the welding industry. With extensive equipment capabilities and a reputation for quality workmanship, Nelson Metal Fabrication stands out in the competitive market. This article will explore their capabilities, services and why Nelson Metal Fabrication stays top in the market.

Know About Nelson Metal Fabrication

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Comprehensive Services

Nelson Metal Fabrication stands out due to its ability to handle projects of all sizes. Their wide range of services covers various techniques and operations necessary for metal fabrication. Here is an overview of their comprehensive services:

  • GTAW/MIG welding: Nelson Metal Fabrication employs skilled welders who specialize in gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and metal inert gas (MIG) welding techniques. This ensures precise and high-quality welds for different applications.
  • Structural welding: Their expertise also extends to structural welding required in building construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Plasma cutting: Nelson Metal Fabrication utilizes plasma cutting machines to produce accurate cuts on different types of metals.
  • Milling/machining: They have milling and machining equipment that allows them to shape metal components with precision.
  • Sheering/break work/plate bending: With specialized machinery for shearing, breaking workpieces, and plate bending, they can manipulate metal sheets into desired shapes.
  • Hot/cold forming: Nelson Metal Fabrication possesses the equipment necessary for hot and cold forming, enabling them to create complex metal structures.
  • Ornamental/die forging: Their forging capabilities allow for the production of aesthetically pleasing decorative elements and specialized parts.
  • Cutting/sand blasting/tap and die operations: The company offers cutting services using advanced machinery, sandblasting for surface preparation, and tap and die operations for threading requirements.
  • Punching/drilling of all sizes and shapes: Nelson Metal Fabrication has punching and drilling machines that can create holes in various materials according to customer specifications.

Expertise in Finishing Techniques

Nelson Metal Fabrication’s expertise goes beyond fabrication techniques; they also specialize in various finishing techniques to provide customers with a wide range of choices for the final appearance of their products. Some of the finishing options they offer include:

  • Electroplating: This process involves depositing a layer of metal onto a substrate through electrolysis, providing enhanced durability and aesthetics.
  • Galvanizing/powder coating/spray coating: These techniques offer corrosion protection and improve the overall visual appeal of metal products.
  • Blackening/patination/brushed finish: Nelson Metal Fabrication provides blackening finishes, patination for an antique look, and brushed finishes for a sleek appearance.
  • Mirror/high finish/various textured finishes: They offer mirror-like reflective finishes, high-polished surfaces, as well as various textured finishes to meet diverse design requirements.
  • Exterior/outside/traditional/historical finishes: Nelson Metal Fabrication excels in providing finishes suitable for exterior applications or those with traditional or historical design elements.

Specializations Showcase

Nelson Metal Fabrication’s specialized capabilities are showcased through their expertise in different areas of metal fabrication:

  • Code/ADA railing fabrication: The company is skilled in fabricating railings that meet safety and accessibility standards, ensuring compliance with building codes.
  • Ornamental railing/architectural elements production: Nelson Metal Fabrication’s craftsmen excel in creating visually appealing and intricate metalwork, including ornamental railings and architectural elements.
  • Staircase construction: Their expertise extends to the design and construction of functional and aesthetically pleasing staircases, tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Diverse Product Capabilities

Nelson Metal Fabrication’s capabilities extend beyond traditional metal fabrication services. They have diverse product capabilities that demonstrate their versatility:

  • Furniture manufacturing: With their skilled team of craftsmen, Nelson Metal Fabrication can create custom metal furniture pieces, blending functionality with exquisite design.
  • Restoration/revitalization projects: They have experience in restoring and revitalizing existing metal structures or objects, breathing new life into them while preserving their historical significance.
  • Hardware production: Nelson Metal Fabrication excels in producing high-quality metal hardware components for various applications such as hinges, brackets, handles, and more.

Specializations Continued

Nelson Metal Fabrication further demonstrates its diverse specializations across various industries:

  • Tableware/cookware creation: The company showcases its skill in crafting durable and functional metal utensils and cookware items that cater to the unique needs of professional chefs and home cooks alike.
  • Structural brackets/columns fabrication: Nelson Metal Fabrication specializes in fabricating structural brackets and columns that provide reliable support for buildings or other structures.
  • Signage production: Their expertise extends to creating eye-catching and durable metal signs for businesses or organizations looking to make a lasting impression.

Collaboration and Reputation

In addition to its comprehensive services, Nelson Metal Fabrication stands out due to its collaboration with People’s Inclusive Welding. This partnership highlights their commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the welding industry, creating opportunities for underrepresented individuals. Beyond their local area, Nelson Metal Fabrication has established a strong reputation and client base across Maine and beyond. Their commitment to excellence, broad range of services, extensive equipment capabilities, expertise in finishing techniques, and diverse specializations make them the preferred choice for metal fabrication needs.

Final Words

In conclusion, Nelson Metal Fabrication’s comprehensive services, expertise in finishing techniques, diverse specializations and product capabilities, collaboration with People’s Inclusive Welding, and strong presence and reputation make it stand out in the competitive market. The company’s ability to handle projects of all sizes combined with its advanced equipment, ensures high-quality results. Their specialized services cater to different industries like architecture, furniture production, signage creation, cookware manufacturing, and more. Whether it’s code/ADA compliant railings or visually appealing ornamental metalwork, Nelson Metal Fabrication delivers outstanding craftsmanship with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Yes, Nelson Metal Fabrication has the expertise and equipment capabilities to handle projects of all sizes. Their comprehensive services cover a wide range of techniques like welding, cutting, forming, and finishing to meet diverse customer needs.

Nelson Metal Fabrication offers various finishing techniques such as electroplating, galvanizing, powder coating, spray coating, blackening, patination, brushed finish, mirror/high finish, textured finishes, exterior/outside finishes. These options provide customers with a wide range of choices for the final appearance of their products.

Yes, Nelson Metal Fabrication specializes in code/ADA railing fabrication to meet safety/accessibility standards. They also excel in ornamental railing/architectural elements production and staircase construction. Additionally, they have expertise in Furniture manufacturing
Restoration/revitalization projects
Hardware production
Tableware/cookware creation
Structural brackets/columns fabrication
Signage production
Sculpture manufacturing

Nelson Metal Fabrication prioritizes quality by employing skilled professionals and using advanced equipment for precise cuts and fabrications. They also follow industry standards and regulations to meet compliance requirements for safety and product specifications.

Yes, Nelson Metal Fabrication offers customization options for their services to cater to individual customer requirements. They can work closely with customers to design and manufacture unique metal products that meet their requirements.