In the pursuit of enhancing grid reliability and safety through substantial investments in grid hardening, utility pole replacements, and substructure upgrades involving billions of dollars, utilities seek dependable sources for their steel transmission and substation structures. This is where the AISC certification program, an industry-standard, plays a pivotal role.

AISC’s overarching objective is “error prevention rather than error correction.” When your fabricator adheres to AISC’s governing requirements program standards and undergoes site audits, you gain a supply chain partner deeply committed to cost efficiency, speed, and top-notch quality. This dedication, in turn, translates into a smoother and more successful execution of your project. In this article, we will discuss the details of AISC Certified Fabricators.

Know About AISC Certified Fabricators

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What is the AISC?

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), established in 1921, serves the steel fabrication and erection industry. Over its 95-year history, AISC has convened numerous committees of seasoned Civil, Structural, and Mechanical Professional Engineers. These committees have meticulously crafted criteria and procedures aligned with industry standards, codes, and practices, shaping AISC into what it is today. AISC is not only a repository of vast knowledge and expertise but also provides a valuable resource pool for certified steel fabricators.

What is the Difference Between an AISC Certified and a Non-Certified Fabricator?

An AISC-certified fabricator offers customers the confidence that their fabrication facility possesses the necessary personnel, experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment, and dedication to produce structural steel of the highest quality, meeting the standards required for construction projects. 

Certified fabricators not only adhere to industry standards, codes, and practices but also go the extra mile to meet or even exceed customer expectations and contract specifications. From the moment a contract or purchase order is received until the steel components are delivered, every step is meticulously reviewed, monitored, inspected, and documented to ensure full compliance with AISC standards, codes, and practices.

In addition, all welders in a certified fabrication facility undergo rigorous testing and qualification processes for various types of welding required in the project. The critical distinction between an AISC certified fabricator and a non-certified one lies in their ability to provide a superior level of quality control and assurance to the customer, backed by knowledge and expertise.

Reasons to Select an AISC Certified Fabricator

  • Precise and quick communication – Complete documentation makes it easy to check project status, pull records, and trace back issues. It provides customers with high transparency and clear visibility into project statuses.
  • Efficient timelines – With quality processes and checkpoints baked into the process, your finished steel project will meet spec and timeline targets. On-time delivery isn’t something an AISC fabricator will compromise unless a delay means the quality also stays uncompromised.
  • Lower costs – Quality processes save time and materials, which go a long way in the overall budget. Certified fabricators who follow AISC standards end up with finished products that conform to industry standards and customer requirements. Simply put, there’s less rework and less waste at the end of the day.

How AISC Certified Fabricator Maintains Quality, Safety, and Accountability

By providing a higher level of quality control and quality assurance for the customer, the certified fabricator maintains compliance with State and Federal Regulatory Agencies to provide a safe environment and workplace for their employees and customers. The inspections and record-keeping procedures involved in the fabrication process not only give the many records on file to assure that each procedure is conducted, but they also provide the accountability of each procedure in the event something is determined to be substandard.

These procedures include Certified Welding and Coating Inspector inspections and records consisting of mill test reports, material receiving reports, product conformance, fit-up inspections, welding inspections, surface preparation inspections, ambient conditions, dry film thickness, and a final inspection before delivery. Some projects require specialized testing consisting of Mag Particle Testing, Ultra Sonic Testing, or Dye Penetrant Testing to ensure the needed quality.  The AISC Certified Fabricator must maintain all these records for review.

Benefits of AISC Certified Fabricators

Superior Quality 

This is the most significant difference between an AISC certified job and a non-certified job. Your project will adhere to the strictest quality standards, from welding procedures to equipment calibration, all recorded in the Quality Management System for the project. The result is that your project is of excellent quality, and there’s less risk of errors or delays. 

Newest Technology and Improved Safety

When you hire an AISC-certified steel company, you enjoy knowing that they are up-to-date with the latest codes and techniques that ensure your projects will pass inspection. The company has strict safety standards that ensure your building project stays on track without any added delays or costs because of a safety incident. Like you, your steel company wants to keep its employees safe, and adhering to the AISC rules helps your steel company meet safety standards.

Increased Accountability

There are regular audits of AISC certified fabricators and erectors to be sure that the quality levels and safety standards are adhered to throughout the company. This accountability lets the customer know that not only does your steel fabricator and erector know the right way to do things, but they are doing it the right way.

Streamlined Productivity

An AISC certified steel company is accustomed to using a uniform process for completing a building project according to code. Fewer delays and problems will impact your project because the steel contractor you’ve chosen knows what’s required and follows their set procedures.

Final Words

The AISC certification program is a cornerstone for utilities striving to fortify grid infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted service. By aligning with AISC’s rigorous standards and practices, utilities secure supply chain partners who prioritize error prevention and excellence. This commitment not only enhances project efficiency but also bolsters the overall reliability of critical infrastructure.

Zetwerk dedication to adhering to AISC’s stringent requirements underscores their unwavering commitment to delivering steel transmission and substation structures of the highest quality. Their participation in this industry-standard program is a testament to their mission of providing utilities with the utmost cost-efficiency, speed, and project success. As utilities continue their critical work of grid hardening and infrastructure upgrades, Zetwerk contributions as an AISC-certified partner remain integral to achieving these vital goals.

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AISC certification, provided by the American Institute of Steel Construction, is a rigorous program that evaluates and ensures the quality and reliability of steel fabricators. It’s essential for fabricators because it demonstrates their commitment to meeting industry standards, codes, and practices, assuring the quality of steel products used in construction projects.

AISC-certified fabricators bring a higher level of quality control and assurance to construction projects. This reduces the risk of errors, improves safety, and ensures that the steel structures meet or exceed industry standards. Ultimately, it leads to smoother project execution, enhanced reliability, and reduced long-term maintenance costs.

To obtain AISC certification, fabricators must meet stringent criteria related to personnel, organization, experience, procedures, equipment, and commitment to quality. These criteria guarantee that the fabricator can consistently produce high-quality steel products.

AISC certification is valuable for projects of all sizes. While it’s often associated with large-scale infrastructure projects, its principles of quality control and assurance can benefit any construction endeavor, ensuring the safety and longevity of structures.

Zetwerk, as an AISC-certified partner, actively adheres to AISC’s stringent requirements, program standards, and site audits. This commitment underscores their dedication to delivering top-tier steel transmission and substation structures. Zetwerk’s participation in the AISC certification program ensures they prioritize cost efficiency, speed, and superior quality, making them a reliable partner for construction projects.