Aluminum extrusion finishes are used in manufacturing depending on the client’s requirements. Due to the high demand for the metal, it is difficult to find suitable aluminum extrusions manufacturers to maintain quality and timely delivery without any hassles.

Custom aluminum extrusions have primarily become the popular choice of manufacturers due to their qualities such as strength, weight management, and corrosion resistance. Apart from these, it can adapt to any temperature, making it usable in any environment.


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Zetwerk is the top Aluminum Extrusion Supplier in the USA

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Here are some of the most popular aluminum extrusion profile manufacturers known for quality, advanced approach, and trusted methods for industry-specific needs.

  • Manufacturing expertise & experience
  • Industry recommendations
  • Precise shapes and designs
  • Variety of new techniques and products

For a high-quality aluminum extrusions, ZETWERK is among the leading worldwide manufacturers, acting upon the exact specifications that clients need. A certified aluminum extrusion company that has been serving companies across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, power equipment, and more.

Custom Aluminium Extrusion

Custom aluminum extrusions are based on the end user’s needs. With precise shape, the process includes creating a customized product for various industries. Alexandria Industries is one of the best-known custom aluminum extrusion companies that serve with expert guidance, personalized services, and satisfaction.

They will make sure that your designs are reusable and made for the exact environment you will be using the products. With over decades of experience, you will find all your custom extrusion needs to be fulfilled with utmost care and quality.

Quality Aluminum Products

With aluminum strength to weight management quality and choice in style and efficiency, aluminum metal products are always in demand across industries. It is frequently homogenized to make alloys and shaped in different channels, angles, and frames. As the product capabilities are endless, there should be no limit to what aluminum extrusion companies can do with the metal.

One of the best places to buy aluminum extrusion products is Shanghai Metal Corporation, offering a wide range of metalwork and metal extruded products to countries like France, Russia, Denmark, and so on. You can find a wide range of aluminum products, including, aluminum sheets, aluminum strips, coils, extruded aluminum products, pipes, foils, prepainted aluminum sheets, capillary tubes, and more. Most of the clients of SMC are from the construction and packaging industries, where quality and design cannot be compromised.

Advance Trading of Metals

To keep the trading between suppliers and manufacturers smooth, Metals Planet has developed an excellent revolutionary metal trading platform. Providing end-to-end solutions to both parties makes the buying, selling, finance, and logistics hassle-free.

How does it work?

  • Sellers and suppliers can choose the metal based on the listed price, LME, and MCX price formula.
  • Track the order status and material.
  • Digital invoices, E-way bills, and speedy registrations for metal trading.

From Aluminium billet, circles, coils, rods, and other customized aluminum extrusion products, buyers and sellers can choose as per their requirements and sell confidently to buyers across multiple industries.



If you are looking for the most trusted aluminum extrusion manufacturing companies in the USA, here are some recommended names that can provide aluminum extrusion series to meet your specific needs for the North American market.


One of the most preferred names for aluminum extrusion near Texas, ZETWERK is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality aluminum products to all its customers in the USA and across the globe. It is functioning with a global supplier network in India, China, and South-East Asia with the capability to handle various manufacturing processes.

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Mann Made, Inc. ll

Mann Made specializes in the manufacturing of miniature aluminum extrusion and fabrication services. With their custom extrusion service, you can get the best aluminum extrusions in texas for all your commercial and construction needs.


BRT Extrusions Inc. 

BRT Extrusion is among the top American aluminum extrusion companies with over 150 years of experience in the aluminum extrusion industry for construction, electrical, and transportation requirements. There are thousands of products depending on the specific needs of construction angles, rods, tubers, and aluminum channels.

Talan Products Inc.

Based in Cleaveland, Ohio, Talan Products offers a range of extruded products and services. An ISO 9001 Certified vendor ensuring precision while delivering quality aluminum products.

American Aluminum Extrusion Company, LLC 

American Aluminum Extrusion Company is the top extrusion services provider to industries including Construction, Linear Motion, Transportation, Marine, Electronic OEM markets, etc. Following the global standards of quality extrusion and metal fabrication, the company works closely to meet its clients’ demands.

Here are some more prominent names of aluminum extrusion companies in the USA you can take into consideration for your metalwork need.

  • Northern States Metals – Columbus
  • Hydro Aluminum Metals USA LLC
  • ABC Aluminum Solutions, San Diego
  • Anaheim Extrusion Company, Anaheim, CA
  • Feeney, Inc, Oakland
  • ALUnna Tubes USA Inc.
  • Parker Hannifin – Industrial Profile Systems
Aluminum Extrusion


While talking about aluminum extrusion factories, the RV industry is another important sector that needs high-quality RV aluminum extrusions for various purposes. Here are some of the local aluminum extrusion distributors based in multiple locations.


Operating for more than 30 years, ZETWERK is a single source for all industrial needs across the globe. They specialize in distributing industrial supplies to 1000 top US manufacturers across industries. From industrial and electrical products to mining pipes, ZETWERK delivers to countries including India, Oman, Japan, Morocco Etc.


  • Supply to over 1000 USA manufacturers
  • procurement and distribution of industrial supplies.
  • Aluminum extruded products across the world
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SAPA Extrusion India Private Limited

Located in Chittor, Andhra Pradesh, SAPA Extrusion India Pvt. Ltd is well-known in aluminum production and processing, manufacturing, and more. The company offers aluminum extruded shapes and products for various factories and manufacturing industries.

Sierra Aluminum

One of the most trusted aluminum extrusion providers to the RV industry, Sierra Aluminum is a fully integrated aluminum extrusion mill. The company offers custom aluminum extruded shapes, painted metalwork and fabrication, and structured tubing for frames and walls.


  • Better product availability
  • Shorter turnaround times
  • One-stop setup for all metalwork needs
  • Quality assurance with highly quality ratings


Misumi aluminum extrusion is created to save time throughout the product’s lifecycle, from design to maintenance. It is one of the most extensive product distributors, with over 20 million products across the globe for automation, plastic model application, aluminum profile, and more.


  • Wide range of aluminum extruded products for specific design needs.
  • Fast delivery and custom design ready to ship the next day.
  • Choose from top recommended products.