The use of aluminum extrusion in the design and manufacturing industries has recently increased. Extrusion brings the most out of aluminum’s distinctive blend of physical characteristics. It gives a smooth surface finish and improves the material’s tensile strength along with corrosion and weather resistance qualities.

with corrosion and weather resistance qualities. Being one of the most popular extruded materials, aluminum can be shaped according to industry needs. But among all, the 2020 aluminum extrusion dimensions are the most common and popular ones for construction and structural purposes.


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The extrusion process involves an aluminum alloy into a die containing a cross-sectional shape. The force you apply while squeezing the toothpaste tube with your fingers can be correlated to the force applied in extrusion. By putting pressure, the toothpaste comes out similarly to the tube’s opening. Depending on the requirements, the extrusion

the temperature will give aluminum the desired characteristics and hardness. T-slot aluminum extrusion is one of aluminum’s most used extruded parts in several industries. Depending on the purpose of their extrusion, T-slot aluminum extrusions are available in different series, including 10-series, 15-series, 30-series, 40, and 45-series aluminum extrusion.


T-slots are standard framing systems that contain square or rectangular lengths of extruded aluminum. These are designed with a ‘T’ shaped slot, at least on one of their sides.

Several Pieces for T-Slot Aluminum Framing

T-Slot aluminum framing enables you to attach a vast array of hardware to the extrusion and modify it as required. They also allow unprecedented personalization and ideation for the designs and applications. That means all such profiles may carry no slots, a single slot, or multiple slots on every side. The cross-section size is also available in many shapes and sizes.

To quickly set up frames and structures with T-slots, profiles and connectors are fixed together, extracting the necessity to weld pieces to obtain a robust construction. Be mindful that there is no specific formula for preparing such extrusions; certain guidelines exist on the most prevalent profile sizes and slot shapes. It is effortless to specify which components and profiles are consistent.

Shapes that Can be Extruded

Here are some categories of extruded shapes:

  • Solid
  • Hollow
  • Semi-hollow

Solid shapes are those with no enclosed openings, for example, a rod, beam, or angle, whereas hollow forms are with one or more voids like square or rectangular tubes, and semi-hollow shapes are those with a partially enclosed hole such as “C” channel extrusion with a narrow gap. There are countless applications of extrusion across various industries, including architectural, aerospace, energy, electronics, automotive, and more.

2020 T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion

2020 refers to 20mm x 20mm square T-slot Aluminum Extrusion. It mainly contains four open T-slots, with one on every 40mm face. The 20 Series mainly covers 20×20, 20×20RQ, 20×40, 20×60, and 20×80 aluminum40 profiles.

Such Profiles are constructed using excellent quality Aluminum Alloy with European Standard dimensions and 1.5 mm structural cross-section thickness. It can be used for laser cutting machines, many prototype CNC router machines, structural elements in automation machinery, or 3d printing, XY tables or camera sliders, etc.

Aluminum extrusions are also used to craft window and door systems and other applications for the construction and manufacturing industries. The extrusion process is flawless, making it immune to the buildup of dirt and debris and easy to wipe.

Regarding the 2020 aluminum extrusion family, the 2020 profile is the most heavy-duty and leads to cleanroom applications, enclosures, guards, or workstations. In addition, the four open T-slots are essential for mounting accessories. Besides, in the machinery industry, profile 2020 helps assemble a wide array of lightweight structural frameworks, such as instrument racks, display boards, etc.

Primary Applications of 20×20 T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 

Ideal for industrial, construction, and equipment applications, here are some most common applications of  20×20 T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profiles,

  • DIY 3D Printers,
  • CNC Routers
  • Camera Sliders
  • Robotic Arms
  • Robots in ROBOCON and similar robotics events
  • The 2020 T-Slotted Extrusions are ideal for DIY, like creating 3d printers.
  • These extrusions create an ideal solution for custom machine frames, guarding, workstations, prototyping, etc.
  • The extrusion is flexible and can grip T-Slot Nuts on all 4 custom surface sides.
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If we think about the material cost, the time that is saved compared to welded solutions, and the savings in expenses all define how efficient extrusion is.

Versatility – Multiple sizes and shapes

T-slot aluminum extrusions are designed modularly; hence you can position, connect, and fasten the aluminum profiles.

Robust, Reliable Structure

Extruded aluminum is robust and competent in managing high-load applications. Some other features are :

  • Huge strength-to-weight ratio
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Thermal adaptability
  • Electrical and thermal conductivity


The extrusion technique is an intriguing yet crucial process for constructing parts with grooved cross-sectional profiles.

Make sure you buy high-quality 2020 aluminum extrusion solutions to get the desired results.

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