December 1, 2021


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Earlier this week, Zetwerk raised $150 Million in equity, formally bringing us to a valuation of $1.33 Billion; we are officially a Unicorn!

When we started Zetwerk, the thought of being a unicorn never overwhelmed us as we wanted to build a company that could outlive us and last for generations to come. But, I will come to this part later.

It is rare and memorable for a company to achieve this remarkable milestone in just three years when almost half of that period got disrupted by a global pandemic. The journey has been one of many learnings — taking measured action, setting ambitious targets, adapting to the need of the hour. But, most importantly, it has been one of resilience, learning when to push forward and when to take a step back, powering through the ups and downs to create long-term sustainable growth ultimately.

Today, I want to take this opportunity to appreciate and congratulate everyone who helped Zetwerk achieve this significant milestone.

To each Zetwerk employee — know that it is because of you and your tireless efforts that we’re able to grow at the scale at which we are.

To our customers — thank you for believing in our abilities and allowing us to serve you. You will always be our number one priority.

To our partners — thank you for being there through each critical decision and bump in the road. Let us build a supply chain that can be a matter of global pride.

As we celebrate and let the feeling sink in, we must also realise that being a unicorn is not our overarching goal. Instead, we want to build a legacy. We want to develop revenues, add happy customers, and we cannot stop here.

With more capital comes more responsibility, and I can honestly say that we’ve been preparing to handle this since day one. As a young company growing almost 4x year on year, scaling the way we have in such a short period, at a challenging time in history, it is safe to say that few companies can stake claim to the kind of journey we’ve had.

Therefore, we must build our path from here on our strengths as we enter the new era of growth.

Throughout our journey, whether it was in the initial months when we looked for product-market-fit or when we were building our technology, we tried to retain our customers and found ways to grow them. We need to preserve this virtue of ours and hold our customers like kings and queens. Our single-minded focus must be on bringing value to our customers. We must continue to provide a transparent and seamless experience to our customers and that must be the most accurate reflection of our success — and we can’t wait to keep outdoing ourselves!

Another virtue that we need to hold on to and build further as we grow our organisation is to make sure that every person — every department — knows they are all accountable for success.

Should we give paramount importance to these two virtues, I see no reason why we cannot comfortably face the challenges of our industry and build a solid business that would outlive us.

While transitioning into a Unicorn is a massive milestone in itself, what is equally exciting is the fact that as of July ’21, Zetwerk is officially a profitable company — and we’ve only just begun! Today is just day one. It’s the first ball of the first over of the first innings of the world cup, and we can’t wait for you to join us on our journey!

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